May 18, 2011


i thought u're different than others
i thought u're the best that i know
i thought u're the only person who understand me
i thought u're the most patient person ever
i thought u're my last

sorry mom, i was wrong again.
i choose the wrong guy
i like the wrong guy
i love the wrong guy

if time can be turned back
i would never want to know u
so i'll not hurt, for twice

forget about what i said
forget about what u said
forget about what we have dreamed
forget about what we have planned
and forget about the songs
just forget everything, like i never exist

its not ur fault to love me
neither my fault to love u
u came and make me happy even just for a while
i really appreciate that
perhaps now is the time for u to move on
with ur own life
and my own real life

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