May 12, 2011

coming home

its just few hours left.
to arrive home =D
owh peeps, i am so excited. to meet my parents, my siblings, my friends, my scoot, my teddy, my stuff and also my hero!wink*

nevertheless, im feeling sad too.
sad to leave all my friends, especially my roomie, Kiba.
ohh God, why do i have to faced all this. why cant i have both.
seriously, im gonna miss u babe. --> terpakse la aku makeup sendiri in this 4months. adoi~
and and and, im gonna miss the moments we talked about everything. fashion, makeup stuff, family, studies, boys, heart to heart, aww~ =')

not forgotten my bongek, cik Fara.
"kawan semerayau" hehe. gonna miss u too. if there any such stories, just text me k.
no need to be so emosional all the time. plus, if that crazy girl doin' something annoying, just kick and blow her away. kejam kot. haha

Labuan oh Labuan.
i am not saying that i do not miss u. i will, maybe. but not now. huhu
i'll miss my cheese cake, my sweetcorn, my rojak, and satay ayam bebeh!

2hours left for me to get ready.
my abg, encik andrew will pick me up at 6.15am to send me to the airport. lambat karang die bising!

owh KLIA, here i come!! ^^

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